Horace Mann PTSA After School Enrichment: Policies and Procedures



After school programs are allowed at Horace Mann due to PTSA sponsorship. Our PTSA insurance policy states that in order to run our programs at least one PTSA member (in addition to the instructor(s)), approved by the school district to volunteer, must be present in each class to witness any potential accidents that may occur.

Chaperones must meet the following requirements:

* Must be over the age of 18. Can be parent, grandparent, nanny, etc. 
* Must be a current Horace Mann PTSA member.
* Must have a LWSD volunteer approved application on file with the district. 

Any parent who volunteers for all the classes for the session will receive one FULL scholarship for their child in that class. Volunteers can also share responsibilities with a friend and receive 50% off tuition.  If we do not get a single volunteer to cover the session, then we will cancel the class(es) without dedicated parents. 

It is the PTSA’s responsibility to ensure that each of our members adhere to these policies in order to protect our students, our PTSA and our After School Programs.


  1. It is mandatory to have at least one PTSA member, approved by the school district to volunteer, be present in each class.
  2. Each volunteer must be cleared by the Lake Washington school district in order to volunteer in any after-school program. You can pick up a volunteer application from the front office or go online to LWSD Volunteer Application. It generally takes two weeks for approval. Please make sure you give yourself time to be cleared before you are scheduled to volunteer
  3. Parents are accountable for their scheduled day/days to chaperone. It is your responsibility to find a district approved chaperone to cover for you if you cannot make your scheduled day. If the chaperone is not present, the class will have to be cancelled.
  4. Volunteers must be 18. Can be parent, grandparent, nanny, etc. Siblings are allowed provided that they do not disrupt the class. Bring a book, a laptop or no-noise toys.
  5. Please do not use any school/classroom property. This includes netbooks, physical books, stationary, toys, project work, displays.
  6. Each week, instructors are required to have a printed copy of their roster and emergency contact information for each student.
  7. Per PTSA guidelines, a volunteer will be present each week to assist with taking attendance and helping children use the restroom. They are not there to assist with teaching.
  8. For any student(s) not present in class, without prior notification of absence, the parent volunteer will first check with the office if the child was absent for the day. If he/she was in attendance during the school day, the parent volunteer will contact the parent or confirm student status.
  9. Parent Volunteers must remain in the class until all students have been signed out by a parent/guardian or escorted back to the onsite YMCA for aftercare.
  10. If a parent is continuously late picking up a child, please notify the PTSA. After two late pick-ups, the child may be asked to leave the program.
  11. The Office Staff will not be available to monitor the children or assist with the class. In addition, LWSD staff will be off campus by 4:00. 
  12. Building rules are still in effect after hours (no running in the halls, etc). Appropriate classroom behaviors are expected even after school. Please bring any behavior problems to the attention of the PTSA.
  13. Volunteers that receive free tuition in exchange for chaperoning all classes in a quarter must fulfill their obligation. If the volunteer fails to fulfill their commitment as enrichment chaperone they will be responsible to repay the tuition for their child’s enrichment class.



Registration will be on a first come first served basis. Open enrollment will end about two weeks after it begins or when maximum enrollment is reached whichever is sooner. Students may only be enrolled in classes by their parent or guardian. New enrollments are not accepted after open enrollment has ended. Official confirmations will be sent. Payment for classes can be made via PayPal with a credit card. If you are unable to pay online via credit card, please contact the Enrichment Coordinator for assistance.  Please note that registrations by check will only be processed at the end of the day they are received. If the classes are full at that time, the checks will be returned.


The Horace Mann Elementary PTSA programs accept non-Horace Mann students who reside within the Horace Mann attendance area (as determined by the Lake Washington School District) and are eligible to attend Horace Mann, but are either home-schooled or attend other area schools.  Eligible children may participate in extracurricular and other programs such as Art, Math, etc., on a space-available basis.  In the event of over-enrollment, students enrolled at Horace Mann will be given first priority for slots, followed by students in the attendance area who are home-schooled.  Any remaining slots may be filled by other children in the community.  Non-Horace Mann students are subject to the same requirements and fees as those students who attend Horace Mann.


  1. Students that are in transition between the end of the regular school day and their enrichment class are held to the same "classroom" behavior standards that apply during the regular school day, as set forth in the Behavior Handbook.
  2. All students in enrichment classes will be held to the same “classroom” behavior standards that apply during the school day, as set forth in the Behavior Handbook.
  3. It is our hope that any behavior issues can easily be resolved by parents working in cooperation with instructors.
  4. In the event that a behavior issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved, the parent/guardian may be required to withdraw their student from an after school enrichment class, without refund.


Refunds are based on when the cancellation is received.  Cancellations received:

  • One week or more prior to class start date will receive a full refund.
  • Within one week of the class start date and through the first week of class – IF WE CAN FILL THE SPOT, a prorated refund. Proration will be based on the number of classes attended during the first week.
  • After the first week of class, NO REFUNDS through the PTSA. Refunds after the first week are done at the discretion of the vendor at the vendors rate.
  • There are no refunds for missed classes.  Snow days will be made up if possible. 


All after-school programs are offered on a per program basis. They are only held when school is in session for a full day. Please check the class web page to determine class meeting times and days. 


An individual class may be cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. Cancellations will be brought to the attention of all participants as soon as possible and a make-up class will try to be arranged. If a child is absent from an enrichment class, there are no make-up classes available. In addition, children are not able to attend enrichment if absent from school. 


A program may be canceled in its entirety due to lack of enrollment or unforeseen circumstances. In this case, a full refund will be granted to all participants. 


  1. Parents must pick up children immediately following the end of each class in the designated classroom of the child's activity. You must come into school and sign-out your child.
  2. Children will be released only to authorized guardians. If another adult is responsible for picking up your child, please note this on the enrollment form. If it becomes necessary for an adult not on the form to pick up your child, please send a note with your child to give to the class instructor. Children above the age of 10 will be permitted to walk or ride their bikes home, but only if it is specified on the enrollment form.
  3. Please respect the commitments of our instructors and PTSA volunteers and arrive promptly for pick-up. If you are more than 5 minutes late picking up your child you will be given a warning and the second time you are late your child will be removed from the program (no refund).


Enrichment classes strive to be inclusive for all students in the Horace Mann learning community. Individuals requiring special accommodations to attend or participate in Horace Mann PTSA’s after school programs are requested to contact the enrichment coordinator sufficiently in advance to allow for any necessary arrangements.


The enrichment program strives to be inclusive of all students in the Horace Mann learning community. If your student requires accommodations or you are in need of a scholarship please email the enrichment coordinator at  enrichment@mannptsa.org. All inquires are confidential.



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