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Celebrate the hard work and dedication

of our Horace Mann Staff this year!

To show our appreciation, special events for the staff will be happening on Tuesday and Thursday sponsored by the PTSA. 

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Coloring Pages

We hope that parents and students will feel inspired to reach out to their Teachers, Specialists and any staff member who has made an impact, including Paraeducators, Instructional assistants, Custodians, and Office staff. They love to receive notes from parents and students most of all.

Here are a few coloring pages for you to decorate and write a note! Bring it in to your teacher or email a photo to other staff members and your teacher if they are remote! Staff email addresses are listed at the bottom of this page for your reference.

Print Coloring Pages



Make a Flipgrid Video Message 

Create a video for any staff member and post it on this Flipgrid link:  If it is a message to a particular staff member PLEASE type their name in the Description field before posting. You can make a video for individual Horace Mann Staff or send a message to the whole community!

 Create a video



Other Ideas

The staff loves notes, poems, drawings, photos of the student with artwork or chalk drawings that communicate their gratitude! A simple email of thanks and appreciation goes a long way, especially this year! Staff email addresses are listed at the bottom of this page for your reference.





If you would like to show your appreciation with a gift, electronic gift cards are an excellent choice! It may be helpful to follow up with staff to ensure it is received and not in their spam/junk mail.

If you have physical gifts, please note that not all staff comes into the building each day - so perishable gifts should not be left for remote staff unless you check prior that they are able to retrieve the gift. For dropping off gifts, you can ring the school bell from 8am to 3pm and someone will come out to meet you. Gifts of value should not be left in teacher bins outside.

Please note Staff cannot accept gifts greater than $50. Some staff members have filled out a list of favorites that you will see below along with their email addresses.


Staff Favorites List and Email Addresses

Alderete, Glenda - Paraeducator -

Arabshahi, Haleh - Paraeducator -

Arredondo, Jeanne -

Bell-Games, Rosina - EL Resource Teacher -

Bergquist, Kristi - Kindergarten -

Bhale, Priya - Instructional Assistant -

Brandjes, Lyn - Paraeducator -

Carpenter, Cindy - Nurse -

Chalmers, Colleen - Counselor -

Conwell, Susan - Health Room Secretary -

Crane, Jacey - 4th Grade -

Cuellar, Carole - Paraeducator -

Deabler-Urben, Melissa - 2nd Grade -

DeLaughter, Shelby - 3rd Grade -

DeRoche, Tammy - Physical Therapist -

Dixon, Sandra - Paraeducator -

Dunbar, Kayla - 3rd Grade -

Ernst, Sherry - 1st Grade -

Fulbright, Jackie - Paraeducator -

Geraghty, Michelle - Special Ed -

Glassey, Ann - Secretary -

Gorostiza, Florinda - 5th Grade -

Hatai, Sue - 3rd Grade -

Hisey, Brittany - 5th Grade -

Holmquist, Liz - Paraeducator -

Hunter, Kym - Instructional Assistant -

Ibsen, Monique - Paraeducator -

Ives, Lauren - Kindergarten -

Lange, Lisa - Learning Center -

Latt, Becky - Paraeducator -

Laughlin, Matt - Physical Ed -

Leonard, Shannon - Librarian -

Litke, Nate - Associate Principal -

Manimbo, Joyce -

Martin, Shalika - Paraeducator -

McRae, Brad - Music -

Moon, Jennifer - 4th Grade -

Morehart, Clea - Paraeducator -

Nauman, Sue - Office Manager -

Niederhausern, Natalie - Instructional Assistant -

O'Brien, Stacy - Instructional Assistant -

Ortloff, Sandy - 2nd Grade -

Pattillo, Brian - Custodian -

Pavlova-Tzenova, Iva - Custodian -

Peterson, Samantha - Paraeducator - sampeterson@lwsd.orgPennell, Olivia - Psychologist -

Plumb, Jeanette - OT -

Rengasamy, Krithika - Paraeducator -

Rigby, Sara - 4th Grade -

Rutherford, Maya - Paraeducator -

Schauer, Jess - SLP -

Simpson, Josephine -

Slavin, Melanie - 1st Grade -

Spain, Connie - Paraeducator -

Spaulding, Megan - Principal -

Sterling, Jessie - 4th Grade -

Swalii, Susan

Thomas, Megan - Paraeducator -

Trotter, Trish - 1st Grade -

Turner, Ryan - Learning Center -

Van der Veen, Madison - Kindergarten -

Verma, Rolee - Paraeducator -

Walker, Brett

Welch, Renee - Special Ed/Safety Net -

Willard, Liz - 5th Grade -

Worsley, Jami