Volunteer to chaperone a class and recieved free Tuition! 

It's already planning time for spring after-school enrichment classes, but we can't offer classes without chaperones. We plan to start spring quarter the week of April 22nd. registration will open April 1st. If you have one hour a week free to chaperone for spring enrichment classes or if you want to share the role with another parent, grandparent, or nanny, please email enrichment@mannptsa.org within the next two weeks. You will receive one free tuition for the class you chaperone for your time.



We will not schedule classes if we do not have volunteers to chaperone. 



Classes in need of chaperones: 

Monday - Hip Hop (grades 2-5) or Sports class such as Kickball 


Wednesday - Running Club (grades 2-5)


Day Flexible - Game Development (grades 2-5)


Day flexible - Chess (grades 1-5)


* Chaperones identified for: Spanish (grades 1-5), Drama (grades 2-5), Jr. Robotics (grades 1-3), Paining and Drawing (grades K-5), SEA (Speed, Explosion, and Agility), , Cartooniversity (grades 2-5) 90 minute class 


Please see our enrichment page here for the current schedule and chaperone guidelines http://mannptsa.org/Page/Enrichment/winterclasse 

Thank you

Lisa Sheffield 

Volunteer Enrichment Coordinator




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