K - 4th Grades – June 18
On Thursday, June 18, parents of K-4 students and the students themselves are being asked to come during an assigned time (if possible) and an assigned location to pick up student belongings and a yearbook. We are hopeful the publisher will get the yearbooks to us in time for this day.  If that is not possible, we will come up with another way to distribute yearbooks.

To increase the safety of everyone involved in this event, please:

  • Arrive during your assigned hour to decrease the crowds
  • Wear a mask if you can and
  • Minimize your time on campus as much as possible

When you arrive on campus go to your assigned location, and:

  • Do not cross the threshold 
  • Teachers will have their doors open so you can announce your arrival
  • Step back from the doorway and the teacher will place your student’s bagged belongings at the threshold
  • The teacher will then back away and you can approach, gather your things and have a brief, distanced good-bye with your child’s teacher
  • Do your best to stay at least 6 feet away from any other family or staff member

Here are the assigned locations and times:

If your child’s classroom is downstairs, the location is the back door of their classroom.  If your child’s teacher is upstairs, a lower level location has been assigned.

Ives – outside door of their classroom
Bergquist - outside door of their classroom
D. Laughlin/Hughes - outside door of their classroom

1st Grade
Ernst - outside door of their classroom
 Stevens - outside door of their classroom
  Trotter - outside door of their classroom

2nd Grade
Deabler-Urben - outside door of their classroom
Ortloff - outside door of their classroom
Sterling – outside door of room 132 (in the back of the school)

3rd Grade
Kvamme – outside door of the east gym door
Dunbar – outside door of the west gym door
Hatai – outside door of the east commons door

4th Grade
Crane – outside door of the west commons door
Rigby – outside door of the Art and Science room
Moon – outside door of the double doors that lead to soccer field

Learning Center
Lange - outside door of their classroom
Turner - outside door of their classroom

Times are determined by the Student’s Last Name
If your assigned time does not work for you, please email your teacher to determine a new time.

A-C         9 am - 10 am

D-J        10 am - 11 am

K-O       11 am - 12 pm

P-S         1 pm - 2 pm
T-Z          2 pm - 3 pm

Medication Pick-Up for All Grades
If your child had any medication at school, please plan on stopping by the Medical Table to pick it up. That table will be in the back courtyard.  

Computer/Hot Spot check-in
If your child has a computer or hot spot checked out to them, please bring it with you to return to the computer station located at the front door of the school.

Library Books
If students still have not returned library books, there will be a bin in the front of the school to collect returned books.




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