The Spring Smarter Balanced (SBA) ELA and Math assessments and Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS), 5th Grade only, are approaching.  Please plan trips accordingly as we hope to provide the least amount of interruptions and distractions during the testing window and the weeks prior.  Thank you for your support.  These are check points along your student’s educational journey that informs us on how best to support each one’s individual needs. 

3rd Grade: SBA ELA May 24th, 31st, June 1st 
                  SBA Math June 4th and 5th 

4th Grade: SBA ELA May 15th-17th 
                  SBA Math May 29th and 30th 

5th Grade: SBA ELA May 11th, 14th, and 15th  
                  SBA Math May 21st and 23rd  
                  WCAS Science May 25th 




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