Help Horace Mann raise funds for our school (and achieve waste reduction goals) by putting used and no longer needed textiles into our new Textile Recycling Bin! The bin is located in the staff parking lot, on the East side of the school. The more we recycle and donate, the more we earn!

A whopping 85% of all discarded textiles – 13 million tons – end up in U.S. landfills every year (EPA). Reusing even one T-shirt prevents the emission of at least 7lbs of harmful greenhouse gases and saves nearly 700 gallons of water. Most of the clothes will be given an affordable second life, and the rest cycled back into use as insulation or rags. The remotely monitored bin will send its own alerts when 2/3rds full and in need of a truck pick-up. One tree is also planted for every bin we fill.

What can be recycled in our bin: Clothing (adult and youth), Footwear, Accessories (hats, handbags, belts, backpacks, etc), and Linens (bedding, towels, drapes, bedsheets, etc). Packing textiles in a plastic bag before putting them into the bin simplifies the processing of the textiles. 

To join the on-going efforts of the PTSA Sustainability Committee, contact Rachel Roland or Rachel Molloy at





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