The end of the school year is upon us. Please take a look through this page to see what fun activities
are planned for the 5th Graders' final month of elementary school

**We need 2 more parents to help chaperone the online party.  Please e-mail if you can help**

June 18, 2-4pm

Virtual Yearbook Signing

Your teacher will be sharing a link with you where you can virtually sign a page for each of your friends.  Make sure and sign by end of day June 19th and then those pages will be e-mailed to you that weekend.  You can print the signatures and put them inside your yearbook if you'd like.

Baby Guessing Game

Have no fear, our favorite baby guessing game is still going to happen! Instead of being on the wall by the cafeteria, it will be online. Your teacher will make a game of guessing who is who during a class meeting the final week of school. You'll also get a copy of the game to look over at home. 


Promotion Ceremony


 The speeches that would normally be shared during the in-person promotion, will instead be recorded by each of your teachers and Principal Spaulding.  There will be an optional 3-class team meeting, to watch the promotion ceremony together on June 18th.  The traditional 5th Grade Slide Show will also be shown at this time.  All material will also be available to view at your convenience through your teacher.  If you have not sent in picture for the slide show, please send 3-5 photos of your child during various times in elementary school to 


Promotion Parade

On June 19th, 5th graders will be invited to participate in a car parade through the school.  Parent and student will remain in the car while they drive through the parking lot where teachers and the principals will line the walk way (at a safe distance from each other). Each child will stop one at a time and receive their graduation certificate, program listing the graduates, yearbook, and school belongings (including medications). 

  • Do not get out of your car; your items will be brought to you.
  • Make a sign with your child's first and last name and put that in the window of your car so you are easily identified. 
  • Drop off library books, computers, and hotspots at this time to the staff member delivering your items. 

Plan to come by the school at the following times according to your student's last name:

B  – J :               9:00-9:30

K – R :               9:30 -10:00

S – Z :               10:00 – 10:30


Graduation Online Party

The PTSA 5th Grade Graduation Committee has planned a fun filled virtual event to celebrate the end of your student’s elementary years. The party will be held on Thursday, June 18th from 2-4pm following the promotion ceremony with their teachers.

We will be running lots of fun activities; photo booth, scavenger hunt, Madlibs, Pictionary, codenames, Jackbox games, etc . Sign up for the games you want to play here: Parents, we need at least one parent in each "game room" (channel) to supervise so please sign yourself up as well to the game you can help with.

We have created a Microsoft Team call "5th Grade Graduation Party" and invited each of the 5th graders to it using their school e-mail.  Please go on ahead of time, explore, and make sure everything works for you. Parents are also welcome to join as a chaperone or guest, please e-mail us at to be added to the guest list.  If you or your child are having trouble accessing the PTSA Team, please e-mail us and we can help you trouble shoot.  




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