Ask Me These Questions Page

Print this page and bring it together with your display board and project.

Think of 3 questions about your project that anyone can ask you to learn more about your project. For younger children, having question that the audience can ask and prepared answers, can encourage them to start talking about their projects and help with their presentation skills.

Here is an example:

Project: Sink or float

Ask me these questions:

  1. Which objects sink?
    • Answer the kid has practiced: The rock, the coin and the toy
  2. Why do you think the cork did not sink?
    • Answer the kid has practiced: Because it is not as tight packed inside
  3. Where have you tested sink or float with your body?
    • Answer the kid has practiced: In my bath tub!



  1. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________________


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