Spring quarter begins April 16th 


* Registration ends April 8, 2018 - No late registrations are accepted 

* Spring quarter begins April 16th 

* Spring quarter ends June 8th 

Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment for classes can be made via PayPal with a credit card. If you are unable to pay online via credit card, please contact the Enrichment Coordinator for assistance. Please note that registrations by check will only be processed at the end of the day they are received. If the classes are full at that time, the checks will be returned.  When programs are full, registrations will no longer be accepted. Students will be confirmed for each program by the first day of class.

PTSA Enrichment Policies Prior to enrolling your child, please be sure to read through our  Program Policies. By registering for any PTSA after-school program, you agree to comply with these policies.

Statement of Inclusion The enrichment program strives to be inclusive of all students in the Horace Mann learning community. If your student requires accommodations or you are in need of financial assistance please email the enrichment coordinator at  enrichment@mannptsa.org. All inquires are confidential.

Parent Volunteer Requirement Enrichment classes must have a PTSA Parent Volunteer present during each and every class.  We are moving towards a new model and would like one primary parent for each class to simplify the process for the enrichment volunteers and for the parents participating in the program.  If you would like to be a dedicated parent for spring quarter, we will guarantee a spot for your child and you get the class for free (except Running Club)! You can share responsibilities with a friend as well or reach out to other parents if you need assistance fulfilling chaperone duties for every class.  Reach out to us at enrichment@mannptsa.org to sign up! For classes that do not have a dedicated parent, you will be required to sign-up to chaperone at least once depending on the number of days and students enrolled. 

Parent volunteers must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be over the age of 18.
  • Must be a current Horace Mann PTSA member.
  • Must have a LWSD volunteer approved application on file with the district.

Want to be a dedicated parent for one of the classes? E-mail enrichment@mannptsa.org

Spring 2018 Enrichment Class Schedule 
Rooms  Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 

Art & Science Room

Art - Cartoon Drawing  (K-2)

Art - Sculpting with Polymer Clay (K-5) 

Art - Drawing & Painting (K-5) 


No Enrichment Classes

Gym Hip Hop (3-5) 

Drama (3-5)

All Sports (K-3)



Spanish (K-5) 

Meets in Library (new location)

Chess (1-5) Meets in Library


Running Club 
Meets in Stairwell





Little Coder Robotics (K-2) SOLD OUT 

Music Room

Home Alone (3-5)

Guitar (2-5)


  Choir (3-5) 

Monday Classes 

Young Rembrandt's Drawing and Cartoon Class (Grades K-2)

There’s no better way to get a jump on spring than with our fun Young Rembrandts cartoon class. Your student will be exposed to the excitement of drawing and animating dinosaur expressions and funny anime characters. These drawings will delight our students as they learn how to draw dynamic figures and action-filled scenes. Your funny bone will be tickled when you see the humorous, floral-inspired personas created in our flower characters lesson. And we’ll have an enormous amount of fun as we draw cartoon animals of all shapes and sizes doing their favorite hobbies. Questions? Please contact Young Rembrandts at 425-898-7466 or seattleeastside@youngrembrandts.com
Who: Grades K-2
Where: Art Room
When: Monday, 3:10-4:10 (April 16 - June 4) - No class May 28
Fee: $128; 7-Week Session 
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**

Gabriela Llanos' Spanish Class (Grades K-5)

Art, music, drama, games and skits guide our curriculum for our Spanish Classes. We offer after school classes for returning and new students. All grade levels welcome! Gabriela Llanos is a seasoned teacher, very dynamic, creative and loves to share her native language. Questions? Please contact Gabriela Llanos at 425-869-9806, or m-gabriela@live.com 
Who: Grades K-5
Where: Library - New location for Spring
When: Monday, 3:10-4:10 p.m. (April 16 - May 7)  No classes April 2, 9
Fee: $194, 12-week session  This is a combined Winter-Spring class. Registrations is closed for spring quarter. 
Spanish needs parent volunteers: click here to sign up! 


After School Music Academy's Hip Hop (Grades 3-5)

Dance uplifts, unites, and empowers children.  It also provides children with an opportunity to express their individuality while working on gross motor skills and developing cognitive and social skills.  Hip Hop is the perfect class for children who want to dance, stay active, and learn how to freestyle!  Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement are key components of this fun, urban/streetstyle dance class that teaches boys and girls alike to step, stomp, and shake it out.  Questions? After School Music Academy info@afterschoolmusicacademy.org 
Who: Grades 3-5 
Where: Gym
When: Monday, 3:10-4:10 (April 16 - June 4) - No class May 28
Fee: $149, 7-week session 
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**

Super Sitter's Home Alone 101 class (Grades 3-5)

HOME ALONE SAFETY Safe Kids 101 Kids think they are ready to stay home alone and parents wonder if it’s ok to let them. This three-hour home alone class will teach students: responsibilities when staying home, simple first aid and abdominal thrusts for choking victims, how to navigate the online world, fire safety, and what to do around an aggressive dog. We’ll also discuss the truth behind abuse, abduction, and stranger danger. All participants will receive the Safe Kids 101 book. Questions? Contact Cindy Tucker cindyt@supersitters.org 
Who: Grades 3-5
Where: Music Room
When: Monday, 3:10-4:40 p.m. (May 7 - May 14)  This class is 90 minutes over two days only 
Fee: $47, 2-week session    
Parent Volunteers needed: click here to sign up!

Tuesday Classes 

Museo's Art - Sculpting with Polymer Clay (Grades K-5) 

Museo Art Academy is returning with its popular polymer clay sculpting class to Horace Mann, open to grades K-5. Students will learn to construct unique sculptures while building their artistic comprehension of form, shape, space, texture, balance, unity and more. The simple nature of polymer clay allows for artistic success in the youngest students. It is easy to manipulate but versatile enough to create complex challenging artworks.
Questions? Email Museo Art Academy at museoartacademy@live.com More info at www.museoart.com.  
Who: Grades K-5  
Where: Art & Science Room
When: Tuesday, 3:10-4:10 p.m. (April 17 - June 5)
Fee: $173; 8-week session   
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**

Chess4Life's Chess (Grades 1-5)

Learning and playing chess provides a host of benefits, including improved memory, problem-solving skills, an enhanced ability to think ahead, and potential performance improvement in math and science. The goal is to ensure that all of our students improve at chess, gain valuable life skills, and most importantly, have fun.  
For more information visit https://chess4life.com/services/after-school-programs/. 
Who: Grades 1-5
Where: Library
When: Tuesday, 3:10-4:10 p.m. (April 17 - June 5) 
Fee: $140, 8-week session
Parent Volunteers needed: click here to sign up!

Adventure Children’s Theatre Drama Club  (Grades 1-5) 

Adventure Children’s Theatre creates original works for the stage and fosters community by putting “play in the play.” During drama classes, students will learn acting skills and how to memorize lines. Students will play theater games and meet new friends. This is a drama club and students will be required to attend all practices and an evening performance on June 5th. Questions? Find out more at www.zeroandsomebuddy.com
Who: Grades 1-5 
Where: Gym 
When: Tuesday, 3:10-4:40 p.m.* (April 17 - June 5)  
*Please note: this is a 90 minutes class with exception of May 22 and May 29 (ends at 5:10).  June 5 performance in the evening (TBD) 
Fee: $140; 8-week session   
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**

Dace's Rock 'n' More Music Academy's Beginning Guitar (Grades 2-5)

Beginning group guitar classes with Dace’s Rock ‘n’ More Music Academy. Learn to play fun songs with sound fundamentals. Students not required to own a guitar, electric guitars will be provided in class. 
Who: Grades 2-5
Where: Music Room
When: Tuesday, 3:10-4:10 p.m. (April 17 - June 5)
Fees: $140, 8-week session 
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**

Horace Mann's Running Club (Grades 2-5) SOLD OUT 

Our After School running club is a parent-led program that will encourage students in 2-5 grades to get moving and run or run/walk in a fun and encouraging setting for 20-30 minutes once a week after school. We will meet behind the stairs and will stretch and warm up before running laps around the soccer field. Parent volunteers will keep track of students’ distances, and students will earn incentives when they reach cumulative distances of 5k, 10k, 13.1 miles (half marathon) and 26.2 miles (marathon) during the quarter. Parents who are approved LWSD volunteers are welcome to come and run with their students. 
For more information contact Jenn Sutton at jenn.r.farrell@gmail.com  
Who: Grades 2-5
Where: Meets in stairwell
When: Tuesday, 3:10-4 p.m. (April 17 - June 5)
Fee: $30, 8-week session  
REGISTER HERE (wait list available) 
Parent Volunteers needed: click here to sign up!

Wednesday Classes

Art - Drawing and Painting (Grades K-5)

Museo Art Academy is returning its drawing and painting class to Horace Mann, open to grades K-5. Working in a variety of drawing materials, students will learn several fundamental drawing processes to enable them to accurately draw what they see. Through a series of step-by-step lessons, they’ll build their rendering skills and creative self-confidence. Students will also have fun developing and refining their painting skills as they learn about the elements of visual art through applied design principles.
Questions? Email Museo Art Academy at museoartacademy@live.com. More info at www.museoart.com.  
Who: Grades K-5  
Where: Art & Science Room
When: Wednesday, 1:40-2:40 p.m. (April 18 - June 6)
Fees: $147, 8-week session 
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**

Thursday Classes 

Robot U's LEGO MINDSTORMS (Grades 3-5) SOLD OUT 

Have your students learn programming and engineering while they have a blast building actual working robots with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®. In this class students will be paired up and challenged to engineer, build, and program robots that use motors and sensors (often of their own design) to accomplish certain tasks or compete against other teams. This is NOT a free play activity, but a class with actual lessons (regardless of how fun and crazy it is). STEM has never been so much fun. 
Who: Grades 3-5
Where: Art and Science Room 
When: Thursday, 3:10-4:40 p.m. (April 19 - June 7)
Fee: $172, 8- week session 
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**
REGISTER HERE (wait list available) 

Coding with Kids' Robotics for Little Coders (Grades K-2) SOLD OUT 

Robotics for Little Coders with Ozobot is an opportunity for young children to develop their computational thinking skills, build their first programs, and have fun with new friends! Ozobot's programming is designed specifically for early readers, taking into account the cognitive abilities and typical attention span of children ages 5-7. Students are introduced to basic coding concepts with simple tasks, such as customizing their Ozobot and assigning commands through different colors, then build up to more complex tasks with Ozobot's simple drag-and-drop language. Questions? Email Coding with Kids at info-seattle@codingwithkids.com.
Who: Grades K-2
Where: Library
When: Thursday, 3:10-4:10 p.m. (April 19 - June 7)
Fee: $172, 8- week session 
Parent volunteers are needed to hold this class. Please watch for a sign-up link for this class coming soon. 
REGISTER HERE (wait list available) 

All Sports (Grades K-3) SOLD OUT 

Join After School ALL-SPORTS Program at Horace Mann Elementary for Spring session. Skilled and experienced instructors will conduct an exciting one-hour session each week right after school, on Thursdays. We will learn fundamentals, rules and strategies of popular sports and games, while focusing on teamwork, sportsmanship, and FUN! Have fun playing all your favorite sports and games, including: Basketball Flag Football Kickball Soccer and More…
Who: Grades K-3
Where: Gym
When: Thursday, 3:10-4:10 p.m. (April 19 - June 7)
Fee: $119, 8- week session 
REGISTER HERE (wait list available) 
**Dedicated parent volunteer identified**
Parent Volunteers needed: click here to sign up!

Horace Mann's Choir (Grades 3-5)

Horace Mann’s very own music teacher, Brad McRae will continue directing this popular choir program. Student may continue from fall quarter or join as a new student. This class is a combined winter/spring offering which will last 10 weeks.  Students may be asked to purchase music for performances through the music teacher.
Questions? E-mail the music teacher, Brad McRae at bmcrae@lwsd.org   
Who: Grades 3-5
Where: Music Room
When: Thursday, 3:10-4:00 pm (April 19 - April 26) 
This is a combined Winter-Spring class. Registrations is closed for spring quarter. 
Parent Volunteers: click here to sign up!

The Horace Mann PTSA Enrichment program is managed by parent volunteers, if you'd like to volunteer to help run the program, feel free to email  enrichment@mannptsa.org and we'll find a role or project for you. 



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