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Have you ever volunteered as a class parent, helped with a a class party, or brought a treat for teacher appreciation? The board member that oversees all those volunteers is the Vice President of volunteer and we don't have anyone to fill that position yet. Would you be good fit?

This is a position that can be done primarily from home. Some of the duties involve creating sign up sheets to make sure each class has a room parent, overseeing the hospitality committee (who has great chairs leading it already), and finding volunteers to help with school photos. If you are an organized person and have been looking for a way to help, contact president@mannptsa.org to learn more about the role.


(official description)
Co-VPs of Volunteers and School Services (2 positions)

These officers are responsible for services and programs that assist the school in achieving some of its fundamental goals not directly related to the educational curriculum (e.g. Health Screening, School Pictures, School Supplies, Awards, Emergency Prep, Graduation, Transitions and more). These VP’s manage the PTSA volunteer list and identify key volunteers to coordinate each school service program and support them as needed.



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Horace Mann Elementary
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