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Horace Mann Yearbook

Lifetouch is our company provider for yearbooks. You will need to go to their website (link below), order and purchase directly through Lifetouch. The PTSA organizes the yearbook content and photos (including those from online events), and Lifetouch publishes and ships the yearbooks to the PTSA. At the end of the year, the PTSA will distribute yearbooks to those who have ordered.


1. Go to Lifetouch's website here to purchase a Horace Mann yearbook. Clicking the link will take you to a new tab where you can purchase directly on Lifetouch's website. 

2. Enter ID 13366922 if it does not automatically appear. 

3. Complete the order in Lifetouch. Lifetouch should email you a receipt, and will let the PTSA know of your order.


Enter the Yearbook Cover Contest

The PTSA is holding a contest for the cover art for the 2021-2022 yearbook and all students are invited to participate!  The submission guidelines are the following: 

Due: Friday, January 14th to your teacher or front office 

Theme: School Life - Example: picture of someone doing an activity in class, recess, lunch, etc!

Paper Size: 8.5X11" Orientation: Portrait

  • Include the name of the school in your art
  • One entry per student  
  • Write your name, grade, and teacher on the back 
  • Entries that meet all the above criteria will be eligible to win
  • Leave space around the edge: do not include any text or critical elements 1" from the edges as it may get cut off, but color and background can go to the edge


Some tips for original art: 

Rich Colors: The more color depth and contrast in your artwork, the better your cover will reproduce. Subtle colors may lose some detail in the printing process. Certain solid ink colors, such as navy, black and forest green, do not work well when placed next to each other.  

Thick Lines: For best results, be sure that outlines are thick. Thin outlines created with pencil will not reproduce completely. DO NOT use pencil to design your artwork. 

Careful with Crayons: If using crayons, be sure the color is crisp and not too subtle. Light shading with crayons may not reproduce—this is especially true with light blues, greens, and yellows.

Mixed Media: Feel free to use photography and original computer graphics in your art. You can send a digital submission to yearbook@mannptsa.org


Submit Your Photos

Help Needed!  Yearbook Photos!!!

If you are interested in the categories for your students’ photos, feel free to send in fun active candid or posed photos for these categories:

  • Studying/Classtime
  • Enrichment
  • Quarantine
  • Winter/Snow Fun
  • Summer Fun
  • Rodeo Roundup
  • First Day
  • Specialists (PE, Library, Art, Music, Reading)
  • 5th grade memories
  • Individual photo 

We are looking to add at least 3 per student for the yearbook so send in those photos!  If you have any issue or questions about taking or submitting the photos, please feel free to contact yearbook@mannptsa.org






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