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What is happening in our state regarding education

Welcome to the Horace Mann Legislation page. During the school year we’ll try to keep parents up to date on what’s going on in the district and in Olympia regarding education. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Legislative Chair Marco Montanez  

WA State PTA Legislative Assembly

More than 300 PTA advocates came together at the SeaTac Marriott on October 19 and 20th to decide the Washington State PTA legislative agenda for the 2013-14 biennium.  As in past years, education reform and funding remained high on the priority list adopted by delegates to the 34th Legislative Assembly.  The top five priority issues identified by delegates are:

  1. Advance Basic Education Reforms
  2. Fund Education First
  3. Closing the Opportunity Gaps
  4. Revenue for Kids
  5. Access to Highly Effective Teachers

In addition, delegates supported nine other issues, and rejected four of those proposed by members and/or local units and councils.  A complete list of the issues on the platform, along with links to more information about each, is available here.  

General Elections Information

Visit the Secretary of State Elections Division website to learn about ballots, measures, initiatives or referendums and outcomes.  

2012-2013 LWSD Budget Information

Get details on the Lake Washington School District budget.  Find the General Budget Summary document here and contacts for submitting suggestions or comments.  

Focus Day

Join others in Olympia on January 24th, 2013 for Legislative Focus Day to rally, lobby and learn about the issues and our impact.   If you cannot attend in person, join via email or Facebook.  This is your chance to speak up for your kids!  

School Funding Basics

Ever wondered how school funding is decided at the state level? Why does there seem to be enough money for technology and new buildings but not for supplies or needed staff positions? The answer lies in the state of Washington’s school funding system. For a better understanding of how school funding works please visit information available on LWSD School Funding site.   

As a Parent of a Horace Mann Student

Do you have an opinion on education that you would like to share with your state representatives in Olympia? Send them an email or call them – remember that you are your child’s number one advocate and supporter.  

48th Legislative District Legislators:    

State Senator Rodney Tom              (360) 786-7694    

State Representative Ross Hunter     (360) 786-7936    

State Representative Deb Eddy           (360) 786-7848  

Not sure if you live in the 48th district? Find your legislator.



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