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Project Display Board

Students may want to create a cardboard project display board for their project.

Convenient places to purchase the display board in Redmond include Target, Staples, Michael's and Ben Franklin. You can also order at Current display board prices average ~$8 + tax and families with a financial hardship may receive a free display board at no cost.

Another option with a little more work is to recycle a used, large piece of cardboard and make your own "free" project display board (instructions at link).

Project Ideas

There are a number of great internet resources out there to help you find a topic for your project.


Science Fair Books

Below are books that can help choose a science fair topic and design a project.  The Horace Mann library has a special section of Science Fair Project books and some may be also found at the Redmond Public Library.  All of these books can be purchased online via,, or via local bookstores and links are included below for both reviews and purchasing information. 

700 Science Experiments for Everyone, Doubleday, 1958,             ISBN 0-385-05275-8

Great Science Fair Projects, Scientific America, Marc Rosner, 2000,             ISBN 0-471-35625-5

Science Fair Projects for Dummies, Maxine Levaren, Wiley Publishers, 2003             ISBN 0-7645-5460-3

Sure to Win Science Fair Projects, Joe Rhatigan, Lark Books Publisher, 2002,             ISBN 1-57990-238-3

Hands-On Science, King Fisher Publisher, 2001,             ISBN 0-7534-5440-8

The Science of Life, Projects and Principles for Beginning Biologist, Frank G. Bottone Jr., 2001, Chicago Review Press, ISBN 1-55652-382-3

The Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects, Revised edition, Julianne Blair Bochinski, 1996, Wiley and Sons Publishers, ISBN 0-471-12378-1

Electron Herding 101, 50 Hands-on Science Experiments That Explore Electricity, B.K. Hixson, 2002. Loose in the Lab, Inc. Publisher ISBN 0966096509

Science in Seconds for Kids, Over 100 science experiments you can do in ten minutes, Jean Potter, Wiley and Sons publisher, 1995 ISBN 0-471-04456-3

Mad Professor – Concoct Extremely Weird Science Projects, Mark Frauenfelder, Chronicle books, 2002, ISBN 0-8118-3554-5

Strategies for Winning Science Fair Projects, Joyce Henderson and Heather Tomasello,             Wiley and Sons, 2002,             ISBN 0-471-41957-5


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