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Want to get more involved with Mann and connect with other adults, or just be a part of your child’s school experience? PTSA is a great way to do that. Yes. Really. All levels of experience, all cultures, all languages - are welcomed and celebrated.

Currently, there are several openings on the 2021-22 PTSA across various areas of interest, as well as some other volunteer roles key to the success of our PTSA programs for our children. Each position is supported by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, and we are all ready to help in making this school year a great one for our Colts who have endured and graciously managed the challenges with COVID.

Grade Parent – The PTSA is seeking parent representatives to serve as grade or even class parents. If you would like to join this program please email or let your homeroom teacher know. If you would like to be a Party Parent team member and put together certain events with your time, or ideas for the various grades – email partyparents@mannptsa.org  or sign up here.

PTSA Committee Chair & Member – Join a group of other Colt parents in various efforts including the Yearbook, Birthday Book, Reflection, awards, enrichment, and advocacy projects.

PTSA General Volunteer Member - Join the fun and share your talent, skill & expertise, idea or passion towards PTSA’s programs and committee

Sign up and please feel free to send any comments/questions to Ciarelle “CJ” Jiménez at volunteers@mannptsa.org. For a full list of volunteer opportunities, click here and to get to know your PTSA team, visit here.

Please remember that for the safety of our children, all volunteers are required to fill out a brief volunteer application every 2 years.

Thank you for making 2021-22 a victory!



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