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Caring For Art Supplies

DO use the CORRECT TOOLS for the job. 

  • Watercolor brushes & paper ONLY for watercolor projects
  • Glazing brushes for pottery(inside kiln cage)
  • Sketching practice with newsprint paper NOT construction paper
  • Fine Point SHARPIES should be used outlining and detail NOT coloring in
  • Chalk & Oil Pastels work well with construction paper

DO clean all supplies and replace them in their labeled areas once dry.

DO use the drying racks for artwork AND move your pieces once dry.

DON’T assume students wash brushes well enough.  Always was them after the students have washed them.  Allow them to dry for a day.   Please put them handle end down in correctly labeled cans.

DO check that tops of lids are on glues ticks when you are finished with them.

DON’T leave any liquid glue containers open AT ALL.  Wipe them down and twist them closed.  Students do not always close them all the way.  You must do it after they have.

DO use only blue tape to place your matted artwork on school hallways.
DON’T use scotch tape, double stick tape, poster tabs, etc.

DO reserve art supplies a day ahead by placing them in a box in the art room that is clearly labeled with the list of supplies, teacher’s name/grade, and date of art project.

DON’T remove any art supplies from art room unless you have a scheduled lesson. Once you do, please DO sign them out on the white poster board on the drawing supplies cabinet.

DO file reimbursement forms.  DO place them in the correct box in art room.



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